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Here at The Other Guys Hosting, LLC, we use Zimbra Collaboration Suite as our e-mail platform.

To access Web Based Email, just visit the following URL: https://mail.otherguyshosting.com, and login with your full e-mail address, and password.


  • You can select your preference for what version of webmail you'd like to log into.  Your options are:
  • Advanced: An Ajax powered application.  This is the default, it is feature-rich and very user friendly.
  • Basic: Most of the features of advanced are also available in Basic, however, this uses plain HTML rather than Ajax, so it's not as friendly.  It is certainly functional, just not as friendly.  This is a good choice if your computer either does not support Ajax, or you have performance problems with the Advanced version

Mobile: Use this mode if you are on a mobile device, such as a smart phone, or tablet.

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