Reporting Spam

Spam is a problem that we all face.  The problem is, that there is no silver bullet to stop spam in its tracks.  No matter how good of a spam filter we implement, the spammers will inevitably learn how to craft a better spam, and get around it.  So, we give you, the end user, the ability to report to us what you think is spam.  The great thing about the whole system is, that it's completely automated.  You report spam, and our mail system will collect statistics from your reported messages, and train itself to better identify spam.

Even this is not foolproof however.  Please do not expect that reporting a message as spam will instantly prevent that type of message from hitting your inbox.  It's a game of patience.  Report every message that you believe is spam, and the system will learn how to better stop spam. 

Reporting a message as spam is simple,  Just log into webmail, find the offending message in your inbox, and hilight it.  Then click on the "Spam" button in the tool bar at the top of your webmail window.  It's as simple as that.  The system will automatically move the mesage to your Junk folder, and then an automated process will later pull statistics from that message, to help train the filter.


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